Founders Bio

Ken Jones, President of Avia Training and Consulting, has thousands of in-class hours teaching advanced technical topics, and over 20 years experience in technical training and documentation targeted towards software developers. Ken is also the co-author of Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, 4th ed.and the upcoming Tcl and the Tk Toolkit, 2nd ed., which are regarded as the authoritative resources for the Tcl/Tk language.

Prior to founding Avia, Ken was lead instructor at Ajuba Solutions (formerly Scriptics), which provided advanced business-to-business e-commerce solutions based on XML and Tcl. While at Ajuba Solutions, Ken worked with John Ousterhout, the creator of Tcl, and other key developers of the Tcl language including Jeff Hobbs and Brent Welch. Ken also has worked for companies including Borland, Silicon Graphics, and Sybase where he specialized in products for creating graphical user interfaces and for providing database connectivity.

Ken also enjoys learning new programming languages, and has worked in almost a dozen over the course of his career. (He fondly recalls some projects in FORTH.) Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Economics from Regents College in New York and a Master of Business Administration from San Jose State University.