Tcl Internet Resources

There are a variety of Internet resources available for exploring Tcl/Tk further:

Tcl Developer’s Xchange
The “front page” for Tcl/Tk. This site features announcements of new Tcl/Tk releases, conference information, documentation, and Tcl/Tk advocacy information.
Tcler’s Wiki
A collaboratively-edited collection of Tcl wisdom, tips, and code samples. Although the loose structure can make it a bit difficult at times to locate information, it is nonetheless a treasure trove of Tcl information.
The Usenet newsgroup for the Tcl language. Very active, often with over 100 posts a day. Many experienced Tcl programmers are regular contributors, readily answering questions and solving problems. If you don’t have a Usenet newsreader configured on your system, you can access the groups through a web portal such as Google Groups.
Mark Roseman’s site containing a wealth of practical information on building graphical user interfaces with Tk. In addition to the Tcl language bindings for Tk, Mark shows how to use Tk with Perl and Python as well.
Tcl SourceForge Project
The source code repository for Tcl/Tk and many extensions.